Optical Mold Manufacturer
Craft one Corporation
Why people choose us
~ Three Reasons Customers Select Craft one ~
1Industry Leading Technologies
Craft one is a mold manufacturer specialized in plastic optics segment. To this day, we have introduced countless state-of-the-art optics molds into the industry.

  - Industry-leading 20M class Micro-lens.
  - Thin-walled light guide panel for backlight.
  - PES lens and Head-up display (HUD) for automobile on-board application.

Our major policies are "to never compromise in technology and precision", and to "keep challenging for new technologies." Through our commitment to the policies, we have developed some of the best-in-class technologies in its industry such as:

  - Higher nanometer scale precision in mold making;
  - Lapping technology to achieve nanometer scale surface roughness; and
  - Unique mold construction to maintain high precision.

To materialize higher precision products and next generation products, we are committed to keep our challenges for creating new technologies without any compromise. By doing so, we will maintain our industry-leading technologies.
2Total support from idea to mass production
Craft one doesn't just sell mold.
We don’t consider our duty to be fulfilled unless the customer has successfully launched mass production of the end-product.

For that purpose, our support for a customer begins with offering our ideas on the best solution for the customer at the time of making quotations. It continues through actual fabrication of high precision mold, and completes when its mass production has started successfully.

At the same time, we are willing to provide our technical know-how in mold construction, forms, materials, precision, and surface finish, all for assisting the customer to materialize high precision products and next generation products.

We have gained trust from many customers through our detailed support such as proposing techniques to meet high precision and functionality standards, or addressing potential problems prior to mass production.

We had many favorable responses from our customers, such as "we achieved the level of precision that we have never experienced", or "we made huge improvements in the mass production stability."

3Trusted experiences in technical consulting
Since its foundation, Craft one has been supporting many customers in Japan and other countries as their technical consultants. Especially in plastic lens segment, we have accomplished many achievements with our customers.

<Features of Craft one's technical consulting>
  - Identification of difficult to notice problem and its root causes.
  - Offering the best solution to the problem and the shortest steps to achieve the solution.
  - Policy to work 'on-site' to ensure problem solving.
  - Synergetic effects by adding our know-how to the customer's technology.

Our consultation service has accomplished for example:
  - Mass production of 20M class micro-lens;
  - Development of multi-cavity lens mold (over 100 cavities); and
  - Practical production of next generation lenses.

Craft one will keep its effort to support the customers, and wishes to grow along with you.